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Mitt digitala kartarkiv :: EOC relay (2014-04-16)
EOC relay (2014-04-16)
Kategori: Tävling
Arrangör: FPO, IOF
Land: Portugal
Distans: relay
Sträcka: 1st
Get some painkillers for my injury and I was ready to start in 1st team on 1st leg. Did really good race, gave all that I had left inside... 15'' mistake, longer forking in the beginning do not let me fight with the best in the finish. 30'' down to 1st leg winner Daniel Hubmann. Team did a good work and we fight for the medal, in the end 7th place. 20'' down to 6th, 23'' down to 5th... 1'24'' down to bronze medals.
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EOC relay (2014-04-16)