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Mitt digitala kartarkiv

Välkommen till mitt digitala kartarkiv!

På denna sida lägger jag in kartor, banor och vägval från mina orienteringslopp.

LAT team training camp (2014-03-16)
söndag 16 mars 2014
Ventspils seaside camping, Oskars/Martins, Latvia
Run together with master - M.Sirmais. He taught me how to better navigate and what to do. In some parts we split up, but every tim...
LAT team training camp (2014-03-15)
lördag 15 mars 2014
Cirpstene, Oskars/Martins/Edgars, Latvia
Mass start. Everybody split up already in the first loop. Need to push really hard, but in to the 2nd loop miss to much, when just...
LAT team training camp (2014-03-15)
lördag 15 mars 2014
Jaunupe W, Oskars/Martins/Edgars, Latvia
Quite okay training, really moderate speed, some small problems to 7th CP. #enjoy
LAT team training camp (2014-03-14)
fredag 14 mars 2014
Ventspils seaside camping, OKZK, Latvia
We start 3 guys together - last one. We run mostly in front of M.Sirmais, than after 14CP started to push up and fought for victor...